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Reed Diffusers

Reed Diffusers

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Let any one of our signature scents envelop your home to calm, invigorate or soothe. A gorgeous addition to any room in your home.  

Product Description

Our Reed Diffusers are a safe way to scent any room in your home for prolonged periods of time without having to worry about an open candle flame. Our reeds will last several months and engulf your home in a light refreshing scent. Available in 11 fragrances. 


How to Use

Open Cork bottle and insert the Reeds. Leave reads soaking for 30 minutes and then flip the reeds, make sure they are fanned out and by  a source of flowing air so the scent disperses through the room. Only flip the reeds if you can no longer smell the scent. You can flip all the reeds everyday. Keep in mind the more times you flip them, the faster the fragrance oil will evaporate. Diffusers are just like candles - the larger the diffuser, the greater the fragrance so these will work well in big rooms, and unlike a candle reeds can be left open for months! 

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