The Scent of a Lifetime

My fascination with soap started as a child in my mother’s kitchen. Those memoirs of the past, my extended family and the places I have travelled have inspired my soap fragrances. When I create a new fragrance I think of a moment, a place or a person, and that feeling transforms into notes that convey that essence. 

Almond and White Tea is rugged and romantic at the same time, a sophisticated mix of woody scents, fruits, tea and almond, brings back starry nights sitting by the sea with my father. Thus, it is my favorite fragrance for men.

Gardenia and Ginger is soothing and enchanting, a luscious blend of gardenia, tea and ginger with a touch of moss. I have always loved these white flowers in full bloom because they invoke a subtle type of romance. I once saw a cactus flower in the Painted Desert of New Mexico, it brought me back to those dear memories of the beautiful Venezuelan gardenias.

Moroccan Fig and Bergamot is refined and fresh, with a blend of citrus and fruit. This essence was inspired by my daughter and named after a song that was very popular when we lived in Italy during the 60s. The song talks about a young girl that was very pale because she only tanned in the full moonlight, which I always found to be a lovely image.

Oak Moss and Coconut is captivating and indulgent, named after my mother, I mixed her love for coconuts with the sweetness of berries, and the down-to-earth quality of moss.

Orange and Teakwood is a crisp and refreshing fragrance, a mix of orange and citrus with notes of rosewood and a hint of clove, named after an orange drink I use to have as a child in Rome and reminiscences of a bright sunset my sisters and  I watched sitting on a bench in a park in the Eternal City.

Rosewood and Litsea Cubeba is powerful and invigorating, this essence is a mixture of wood and lemon that is delightfully invigorating, encouraged by the aroma of my father's cologne that was so much like him … masculine yet very sweet.

Violet and Bergamot is as enchanting and majestic as my Aunt Aurora was: a ménage of violet and citrus with an invigorating touch of menthol. Memories to my Aunt Aurora’s love for violets, mixed with carefree days of song and dance in London in the Seventies, brought about this essence.

Wisteria and Jasmine is playful and sweet, a flowery scent that I created for my son David on his birthday; in it, I blended a collage of familiar flavors and scents of flowers that grew around our terrace during his childhood.

- Marianella Febres - Cordero