"SOK DEE" Lao Vine Tote - Ecofriendly Net Style Bag


This bag is perfect for everyday. It's lined, so it's perfect for those who don't want things to show through! Use daily for grocery store runs,  meeting friends or toting around.

The "SOK DEE" comes lined and features a single handmade coconut shell button for extra security. This fashionable, yet eco-friendly handbag is multi-functional, strong, compact, and lightweight.

A completely natural product handcrafted from 100% kudzu vine fiber that grows wildly in northern Laos without any cultivation, irrigation, or chemicals. Local Khmu villagers have been using kudzu vine for carrying crops and tools for hundreds of years.

Eco friendly- sustainable, zero waste, organic, vegan, plastic-free, chemical-free. Fairtrade- fair wage, ethical and socially responsible.

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