Small Starter Assortment (24 units)

We made it easy for you by putting together the best selling sizes, packs and designs. This small assortment is packed with over $400 of product which can all fit on our locally made wooden spinner. You'll receive a 12"x12" sample with your first order as well as a full color shelf talker. Out of the box Z Wraps will be ready to sell itself. ZW-ASSORT-SM Small Assortment includes: ZW-WOODCDU-SINGLE - Included ZW-MPOP Medium Painted Poppy (3) ZW-MPET Medium Petals and Pods (3) ZW-MFM Medium Farmers Market (3) ZW-MWW Medium Wild Wanderers (3) ZW-MULTIMIX-LPF 3-pack s/m/l, Leafy, Painted Poppy, Farmers Market (2) ZW-MULTIGBP 3-pack s/m/l, That's Bananas Green, Blue, Pink (2) ZW-MULTI-BEES 3-pack s/m/l, Bees Love These (2) ZW-MXK-BEES-PETALS 2-pack m/xl Bees, Petals (2) ZW-3PK-BEES-POP 3-pack s/mm Bees Love These, Poppy (2) Total $205.25 Wooden Spinner Dimensions: 5.75" Wide, Overall Height 9.25"

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