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Floral lollipop giftbox


Note: Lollipops are not included in Seasonal Sales

Botanic Bakery offers luxurious confections made with the highest quality ingredients, natural aesthetic and notably complex flavor pairings. These sweet creations are developed by the New York City based confectionary artist, Kristel van Valkenhoef. She finds inspiration in her love for nature which surrounded her growing up as a child, the nostalgia of her mothers kitchen and the knowledge she has gained during her years of traveling as a model in fashion, design and art. 

Floral Lollipops

These gorgeously handcrafted lollipops created by Botanic Bakery are made with a selection of edible flowers and 24 karat edible gold. 

Due to the handcrafted nature of this product all lollipops are always different and no two designs are ever the same. If a specific design or arrangement is needed that must be requested upfront before ordering. 

Note: These Lollipops DO NOT contain CBD oil or any other added oils. 

Customer Reviews

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Floral lollipop giftbox

Inconsistent Product Quality

Some of the lollipops were beautifully made and what I expected from the advertising image. They had butterflies or pansies. Others looked as though were mistakes with a random one or two petals. I was disappointed and in some cases, embarrassed that my little gifts were not equally beautiful.

Delicious and Beautiful.

I have tried several products from Botanic Bakery and they are all delicious. The lollipop giftbox is my go to when I need to send something to my friends for birthdays, anniversary etc. I use it also as gift for my clients and they all love it!

Oprah was right

These are amazing. Little pieces of art, I'm impressed. Perfect gift!

you never want to miss it

each lollipop is authentic and unique. especially receiving them in a collection. such a pleasure having them as a home decoration or gifting.

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