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Smudge Cone Incense (Pack of 12)

Smudge Cone Incense (Pack of 12)

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Marianella Cone Incense is a type of incense that is designed to burn slowly and release a fragrant smoke that can fill a room with a soothing and uplifting scent. The cones are made from a blend of natural herbs, resins, and oils, including frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood, which are known for their grounding and calming properties.

Each cone is carefully crafted by hand by skilled artisans using a blend of traditional and modern techniques. Marianella Cone Incense is made using high-quality ingredients and does not contain any artificial fragrances or preservatives, making it a natural and sustainable choice for those seeking a more eco-friendly option.

To use Marianella Cone Incense, simply place the cone on a heat-resistant surface, such as an incense holder, and light the tip. As the cone burns, it will release a fragrant smoke that will fill the room with a warm and inviting scent. The cones can be burned individually or in a series, allowing you to customize the intensity of the fragrance to suit your needs.

Marianella Cone Incense is perfect for use during meditation, yoga, or other spiritual practices, as well as for simply creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your home or workspace. It comes in a variety of packaging options, including small or large quantities, making it easy to stock up and enjoy the benefits of this delightful incense at any time.

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As a Mother & Son Company, we take great pride in the fact that all our products are hand-crafted using only the purest ingredients in small batches to ensure absolute freshness. Our packaging is as Sustainable as possible and unlike other brands when you order from us, that product is hand made fresh for you on the spot at our store in Brooklyn. We hope you enjoy our one-of-a-kind soaps, lotions, and other magical potions, age old family recipes made with love -

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