Forbidden Fruit (Mangosteen Hibiscus)


Exceptionally rich in Vitamin C with a profound ability to purify and nourish the blood, cleanse and nourish the skin, while enhancing enzymatic functional and overall digestive balance

Can be used topically such as in a bath and facial mask! Great for getting your glow back! Deeply nourishing and restorative to the skin

Rich in Xanthones (within the Mangosteen Peel) also demonstrate the most powerful antioxidative properties found in nature as well as possibly supporting a healthy immune system and inflammation response

Ingredients:  Mangosteen fruit and peel, Hibiscus flower

Directions: 1-2Tsp, up to 2x per day, in a juice smoothie or as a tea. It is very tasty - it can be virtually added to your diet in whatever form that you're inspired to do (tea, soups, salad dressings, sauces, etc.) 

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