Create your Own Essential Oil Blend

Create your Own Essential Oil Blend


Create your own Essential Oil Blend for a scent that is truly yours. Give it as a gift, or send someone a scent that makes you think of them. Every Marianella Essential Oil Blend comes with the list of oils used to create each unique mix. We have created an easy step by step process to choose your favorite Top Notes, Base Note and Heart Notes for a well rounded blend. Don't worry if you don't know much about making scents. Each Essential oil comes with a description and what its good for. At the end of the process you will be asked to write a Created For and Created by so we can include it in the blends menu.

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Note: This essential oil blend is a mist like perfume. Not a thick oil application.

Ingredients: Essential Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Isopropyl Myristate.

Select 2 Top Notes

Every Good Essential Oil Blend is Made up of Three Notes : The Top Note, The Middle Note (The Heart) and The Base Note. In an Essential Oil blend, the oils with the smallest molecules – the essential oils that are the most volatile – are the first to evaporate. These are the Top notes. They are the first scent to be detected and the first to dissipate. This is the initial perceptible scent in an aroma blend and is usually the one fragrance that stands out to give the scent its distinctive essence. Despite the powerful and intense quality that makes it the first detected smell, it is also the first to quickly fade. These are Bright, Refreshing, Cheery, Clarifying, Inspiring and heartening and Energizing. Step 1: Pick 2 Top Notes:

Select 1 Base Note

The oils with the largest and thus the heaviest molecules are the slowest or last to evaporate, thus they impart the longer-lasting scents. These are Base notes. Not to be mistaken for a Base Oil, which is meant to dilute an Essential Oil, a Base note emerges after the Heart note and is the longest lasting scent in a blend. Base notes often have strong, provocative aromas with earthy nuances and ascend gradually, remaining for a longer time than the other notes, all the while helping to reduce the rate of the other oils’ evaporation and subsequently enabling the fragrance of the blend to persist. These are Calming, Emotionally grounding, soothing and relaxing. They Lend a richer aroma to blends. Step 2: Pick 1 Base Note:

Pick 2 Middle Notes (The Heart)

Other Essential Oils, the majority – reveal their scents gradually and help to integrate the Top and Base notes for a harmonious fragrance, which is what makes them Middle notes. These notes become noticeable just as Top notes fade. Smooth and soft, Middle notes unify the Top and Base notes, helping to reduce the intensity of any disagreeable or piercing scents and to promote a roundedness to aromas, making them softer. These notes are generally more enduring than Top notes, lasting up to an hour after the blend has been applied. They are Balancing, Warming and Grounding. Step 3: Pick The Middle Notes (The Heart)

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